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This is the beginning of something exciting; a new chapter in your life’s story that will soon be filled with your favourite memories.

Indigenous for ‘home’, Kala Apartments take us back to our roots, planting us firmly within a dynamic neighbourhood while being surrounded by picturesque landscape.

Live in a Lakeside

Kala Jordan Springs offers a way of life that seamlessly weaves
together the things that matter – nature, community and the
freedom to shape life on your own terms.

An Urban Community
is Springing Up


hectares of parks
and open spaces
within the community


primary schools,
12 high schools in
the Penrith Valley


of commercial, industrial &
infrastructure projects
planned in 2017-2020

Welcome Home to New Beginnings

Tucked between a peaceful lake and the
large Wianamatta Regional National Park,
you’ll find a selection of meticulously
designed apartments. Stay in and enjoy the
tranquillity of your spacious open-plan
apartment or step out and discover the
beauty that surrounds you.

At Kala, you’re free to experience
life the way you want to.

The Coplex

Coplex delivers
excellence, innovation
and integrity in the
construction industry.

Building ergonomic
and future-forward
homes for families,
Coplex is designing

Start living the
life you’ve
dreamed of

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